Bookbabble now appears in Miro’s Guide!

Aug 18, 2009 by

In Bookbabble’s slow trek across the huge expanse of the digital frontier, this is another small step.  Bookbabble is now listed in Miro Guide, a listing of the best free audio and video podcasts on the Internet, which also doubles as a landing page for one of the most popular open-source video player and podcast client, Miro.

I’ve been using Miro for quite a while now, to download and watch the myriad free video podcasts available (mainly technology-related, with some Monty Python thrown in).  It is easy to use, and now with its support for audio podcast, heartily recommended if you’re not already using a good podcast aggregator to get Bookbabble episodes.

Very soon now I’ll write up something on podcasts for readers, as not too many people are familiar with the concept, and how it makes it easier for listeners to get Bookbabble episodes.

So go check us out by searching for Bookbabble in Miro Guide.

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Slate’s Audio Book Club discusses Infinite Jest

Apr 7, 2009 by

I’ve mentioned in the previous incarnation of this very site that Slate has a podcast of their Audio Book Club, where they discuss a selected classic or new piece of work in every episode.

This recent episode has the Book Club panel discussing the beloved (and equally bewildering) Infinite Jest by the David Foster Wallace.

Interesting discussions – go check it out.

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Scalzi speaks!

Mar 19, 2009 by

Want to hear what an author sounds like?  Sure you do, but unfortunately I only have John Scalzi’s, and only for 12 minutes.  John Scalzi is best known for his Hugo Award-nominated science fiction novel Old Man’s War, and have written many scifi and non-fiction books.  He’s one of my recent favourites, having just finished the last book set in the Old Man’s War universe, the Last Colony.

Recently he got to recording his responses to the questions his fans have asked him via Twitter (you know, the most recent Web 2.0 tech buzzword that has people all over traditional media all a-twitter). 

Go check that out which is posted in his blog here.

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Slate’s New Poetry Podcast

Dec 24, 2008 by

Slate already produces some of my most listened-to podcasts, including the Political Gabfest and Slate Daily Podcast (which is the read versions of their selected published articles).  And of course, they have an Audio Book Club podcast as well, which discusses specific books every episode.

One of their newer podcasts is the Slate Poetry podcast, which features poems read by their authors.

Now you can listen to Slate poetry wherever you go. Below, browse Slate‘s weekly lineup of new and renewed work by leading poets, selected by Robert Pinsky and read to you by the author. Or subscribe to Slate‘s new Poetry Podcast feed on iTunes and carry the poems with you.

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