Kim Stanley Robinson talking about Climate Change

Mar 28, 2009 by

Kim Stanley Robinson, the Hugo and Nebula award winning author has written an interesting call-to-action piece on climate change on McKinsey’s What Matters (I hadn’t known McKinsey had such a site!  What a find!).

I had a discussion some time back triggered by one of Mr Robinson’s book.  On that occasion, I asked what types of important sociological discussions that can be triggered by fiction, and if it can affect the views of the people who are not seriously researching the issues.  I took as an example Robinson’s Forty Signs of Rain, which extrapolates the effects of global warming on the world, versus Michael Crichton’s State of Fear, which famously argues the lack of irrefutable proof that global warming actually exists.

The discussion thread which was in a book forum had already been wiped out due to a server crash (sound familiar?).

So anyway, check out the article by Robinson (and if you’re interested in this kind of things, check out What Matters itself).

What a drawn out tangent, huh? 🙂

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Bookbabble Episode 22: Kindles in the Mountains

Jan 1, 2009 by

Bookbabble Episode 22: Kindles in the Mountains
Recorded 13 Nov 2008
Babblers: Gem, Lars, Donny


The babblers talk about Michael Crichton’s passing and Oprah’s support for Kindle, and we find out that you can’t run away from the Kindle, even if you live in an ashram.

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Bookbabble Episode 22: Kindles in the Mountains
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