Bookbabble Episode 4: Ebooks? That’s doolally!

Jun 5, 2008 by

Bookbabble Episode 4: Ebooks? That’s doolally!
Recorded 3 May 2008
Babblers: Lars, Gem, Donny

Lars invites the others to ponder on the importance of language, of the responsibilities of translators and of the English language’s propensity to adapt words from other languages into its own. Also discussed are the good and bad about ebooks, and if it could this be the future of reading. Discover Gem’s secret feelings for the Kindle. Other chitchat include finding love in the library, mobile bookstores and Donny’s book warehouse sales haul!

Show Length: 53:40mins



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Bookbabble Episode 4: Ebooks? That's doolally!
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