Commentary on the Mumbai Attacks by Arundhati Roy and Salman Rushdie

Apr 3, 2009 by

A lot has been said about the tragic Dec 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai India.  It has been covered by the various news channels from around the world in infinitely more detail than a humble podcast can possibly muster. 

However, in our last show Gem mentioned a commentary made by Booker Prize winning author Arundhati Roy in the Guardian on the attacks, who summed it up as:

The only way to contain (it would be naïve to say end) terrorism is to look at the monster in the mirror. We’re standing at a fork in the road. One sign says Justice, the other Civil War. There’s no third sign and there’s no going back. Choose.


Mr Rushdie begged to differ, and responded in this video:


This isn’t new by a longshot, but something about publicly debated literati fisticuffs appeal to me.

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