Bookbabble Episode 42: Online Author Fanaticism

Aug 15, 2009 by

Bookbabble Episode 42: Online Author Fanaticism

Recorded 10 Aug 2009
Babblers: Gem, Renee, Marcel, Donny

The babblers talk about the enthusiasm that surrounds some authors online, based upon the article “Why do Pynchon, Ballard and Wallace provoke such online loyalty?” from Times Online. 


Show Length: 1:33:18 mins



Books Mentioned:





Download episode here.

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Slate’s Audio Book Club discusses Infinite Jest

Apr 7, 2009 by

I’ve mentioned in the previous incarnation of this very site that Slate has a podcast of their Audio Book Club, where they discuss a selected classic or new piece of work in every episode.

This recent episode has the Book Club panel discussing the beloved (and equally bewildering) Infinite Jest by the David Foster Wallace.

Interesting discussions – go check it out.

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