Bookbabble Episode 2: Harry Potter News Correspondent

Apr 21, 2008 by

Bookbabble Episode 2: Harry Potter News Correspondent
Recorded 20 April 2008

Babblers: Lars, Gem, Donny

The significance of the Orange Prize for Fiction and Donny attempts to explain the perceived differences between male and female authors. The babblers disagree on Rowling’s decision to block the publication of a fan-created encyclopedia of Harry Potter’s universe, and ponders on the absolutely, incredibly difficult question of reading vs watching TV. Also in the menu: book blogs, a turkish writer’s quest for freedom of speech, and Jose Saramago.


Important Notes:

  • A couple of words unsuitable for young listeners towards the end. I think.
  • I mention running times during the show, but the times are inaccurate, as I’ve edited stuff out.
  • There’s a spoiler for the Hobbit, so if you haven’t read it yet, and intend to, please plug your ears (or unplug them, if you’re using earphones) at 40:41 for 5 seconds.



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