About Marcel

Marcel is a scatterbrained poet, whose accent betrays his teutonic origins. He studied literature but they wouldn’t even give him a T-Shirt for it, nor has the world decided to award his self-sacrifice to culture with a job. He’s now writing a phd on American poetry and invests his spare unemployed time in reading even more than before. He will read anything provided it has a nice cover and is not written by Paolo Coelho or Terry Goodkind. He likes poetry mostly because it appeals to his short attention span. He also watches an insane amount of TV.

He reads mostly at night which explains the lack of things he remembers about the book. Good examples of this can be found on his blog, which contains reviews, god-awful poems and quotes by smart people to make him look good. He is the irate troll that lives under your shelf and makes it rumble when you buy a bad book and put it there. He writes poems whenever the fancy takes him, preferably in public, in a starbuck’s, on a laptop. He also likes and reads a lot of philosophy but he’s insufferable, really, about it, so don’t ask him. You could ask him why he never wears pants when he goes out but be sure you want to know the answer. He listens to music, because he has no talent in making it, and paints pretty pictures although he doesn’t have any talent for it.

He loves books, really. He wants you to read more Arno Schmitt and Thomas Bernhard.

Favorite Living Novelists: Günter Grass, Juan Goytisolo, Reinhard Jirgl, Salman Rushdie, Thomas Ruggles Pynchon, Jr. and an enormous amount of others.

Why is your blog called Shigekuni? After Shigekuni Honda in Yukio Mishima’s tretralogy, one of my favorite characters in fiction.

Your definition of a good book: Well written and/or well thought through. So far, I found either of those sufficient. Bad books lack both. I read extensively so-called genre literature and so should you. There are many treasures hidden away in those corners. Just…don’t read Terry Goodkind.

Visit Marcel on the web at http://shigekuni.wordpress.com/