About Lars

Lars Jensen is said to be the brains and beauty of the group, a fact that is hard for him to hide no matter how much he tries. With his 28 years this Dane is the picture of what youth is all about, reading and being lazy. When he is forced to work he does a little bit of everything, taking computers apart, packing, selling and whatever else his boss thinks is fun that day.

He started his reading adventure in fantasy with Guy Gavriel Kay, George R R Martin and Robert Jordan, but he has since branched out into non-genre fiction. He stays clear of romance and westerns as life is too short for books with horses. His first self chosen journey outside of fantasy was A Clock Work Orange by Anthony Burgess which showed him that there was more to books than dragons and wizards. The fantasy genre has now taken a back seat but as is clear there’s always room for love in such a place.

Some favourite books: Demian by Herman Hesse, Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, Atonement by Ian McEwan, Lions of Al’Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay and too many more to list.

Best place to read: Anywhere there’s a book.

Reason for reading: It allows you insight into another person’s thoughts, it can show you a world you never knew and get you thinking thoughts you’d never have had otherwise. Some books are read to be taken to another world, to get a time out from the everyday routine. Most of all it’s relaxing and a learning experience.

Contact him at lars (at) bookbabble.net.