About Bjorn

Bjorn Waller is the uber-elitist literature nerd of the lot. He eats Murakami for breakfast, Eco for lunch, Vonnegut for dinner, with a dash of Nabokov and Dostoevsky between meals. Like Chuck Norris, Bjorn does not choose to read critically acclaimed books, they are written with the express intention to get him to read them. Also like Chuck who uses pepper spray to spice up his steaks, Bjorn quotes Shakespeare and Rushdie to cultivate those around him who do not read.

This 37 year old would have you believe he’s a mild mannered Swede whose only vice is a penchant for concerts from cutting-edge musicians (and books), especially when he laughs during the show, but believe none of it.

Oh, what a long road it has been since he’s been feeding himself a steady diet of Stephen King.

Secret Vice: The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty
Reading Project: Self-titled Project 190, where every other book read must be from 190 countries not including the US, the UK or Sweden.

Contact him at bjorn (at) bookbabble.net.