Bookbabble Episode 54: A Family Affair

Dec 5, 2009 by

Bookbabble Episode 54: A Family Affair

Recorded 23 Nov 2009
Babblers: Lone, Marcel, Renee, Donny, with guests Nicole and Rosemary


Marcel’s sister Nicole joins us for a chitchat about nothing much in particular (well, if you consider almost 2 hours of chitchat ‘nothing much’).  We did talk about the new Twilight movie, New Moon (where Renee’s teenage daughter Rosemary made a cameo on the show to tell us the word on the street on this phenomenon), manga, Auster and the National Book Award.  Also, Lone’s foray into the Copenhagen Book festival, Bogforum, and was excited to tell her tale.


Show Length:  1:41:45 mins








Download the show here.


  1. ell

    I can’t hear the entire episode. It cuts out right after Rosemary is introduced!

  2. Donny

    Hey Ell! I downloaded the show just to test, and it went through right till the end without problems… do try to re-download the show again and see if you still have this problem.

  3. other people have reported the same problem…

  4. Donny

    Oh no! Marcel, did you try downloading it yourself and see if you have this problem as well? Do you know if others who reported the prob to you are facing this issue while listening on the site, or if they’ve downloaded the file?

    Trying to identify where the issue is, since I can’t replicate the problem.

  5. ell

    I tried both (downloading and listening off the site) over the weekend and it stopped at the same point.

    I tried again this morning and, inexplicably, there’s no problem. Go figure.

    Rosemary sounds just like Renee!

  6. Donny

    Thanks for taking the time to try, Ell. Did you notice if you were using another media player to play the file?

  7. ell

    I’m pretty sure it was the same – QuickTime.

  8. Donny

    Thanks for letting me know, guys. I’ve since changed the way I’m encoding the files now, so there shouldn’t be anymore problem. As for this episode, I can’t seem to find the problem myself, having downloaded the file and played it through several of the more popular software players out there, Quicktime included.

    If anyone is facing this issue and can’t get a good copy, let me know and I’ll get a good one across to you ASAP.

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