Twilight author stops work on sequel when draft leaked on the Internet

Dec 24, 2008 by

Almost nobody can escape the apparent mania surrounding Twilight, Stephenie Meyer’s vampire love story, given that the movie is generating plenty of silver screen buzz at the moment.

Shortly before the movie came out, the draft of her latest novel in her Twilight Saga, Midnight Sun, found its way to the Internet, and has been spread all across the popular social networking sites.

So upset at this revelation that Meyer has decided to shelf Midnight Sun indefinitely.  She also decided to make available the leaked draft at her own site.  You can read her reaction to the leak at her official website (her site is not a blog, so you’ll have to scroll until the August 28 2008 entry to read her take on the leak).

I can’t imagine what her fans might feel about this.  Imagine if Rowling decided not to publish The Deathly Hallows if her work was leaked.

So this story brings about a couple of questions for me:

Would you read leaked drafts – not even complete works! – of your favourite books, knowing full well that it’s probably not final and that things may change?  If you’re an author, would you react (or, as the case may be, retract) in the same way as Meyer?  What does this say about the writing process at this day and age, since it’s now so easy to proliferate digital content?  Was this preventable?

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