Bookbabble Episode 44: What You’re Missing When You’re Missing Graphic Novels

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Bookbabble Episode 44: What You’re Missing When You’re Missing Graphic Novels

Recorded 24 Aug 2009
Babblers: Bjorn, Lone and Donny with guests Ivan Yeo and Sheldon Goh

Along with guests Ivan Yeo and Sheldon Goh, the babblers revisit comics and cover the gamut.  What are comics, graphic novels, and why you would want to broaden your reading horizons to include this medium.  Lone and Bjorn come through with some gems from Scandinavia that is wildly different from the commercial US fares you may be familiar with, and no less interesting.  Also, what are the standouts Ivan and Sheldon will want you to check out. 


Show Length: 1:10:07 mins



Books Mentioned:



  • A note from Sheldon after the show:

The term "graphic novel" actually came into popular use after Will Eisner’s "A Contract With God" used it in the late 70’s. Marvel’s graphic novel line later used it to describe original comics works that were longer form and printed on higher quality, larger format paper. "God Loves, Man Kills" wasn’t even the first graphic novel of that series. The first Marvel graphic novel was actually "The Death Of Captain Marvel". The first ever use of the term "graphic novel" pre-dates even Contract With God (you can Wikipedia "graphic novel" if you need the actual details).

  • Renee asked me to mention several works, which I did, albeit before I actually did the recording!  They are:




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Alan Moore Interview in Wired

Mar 2, 2009 by

In the previous episode the babblers spoke a little about the magic that is Watchmen, and the impending movie.  Here is an interview with Alan Moore, the writer of Watchmen (the comic, not the screenplay/script, etc – the real deal himself!) in Wired.  He talks about his movie adaptations (more specifically, why he hates them), superheroes and other things.

I could go on about Alan Moore (including the fact that he is a real-life magician – as in wizard, not as in Copperfield), but suffice to say that the man largely credited with deconstructing the whole superhero mythos (“I’m a super-powered go-dooder with cape & spandex” to a genuinely human level and [gasp!] superheroes can get killed! Who’d thought that’ll be possible?) is a genuinely interesting character with interesting things to say.

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