Bookbabble Episode 14: Holy Good-Graphic-Novels, Batman!

Jul 23, 2008 by

Bookbabble Episode 14: Holy Good-Graphic-Novels, Batman!  

Recorded 23 July 2008

Babblers: Gem, Lars, Donny

Are graphic novels worth reading?  The babblers discuss the popular medium that is more often maligned and misunderstood, and makes it understandable to all.  Well, we tried, anyway.  Lots of recommendations for first time readers, and for those who’d like to try something new.  Also, Gem still doesn’t like what she sees on top of the book charts, and Wikipedia to be published?

Recommendations from Scott Saavedra:
Midnight Sun Graphic Novel, Ben Towle
Zombies Calling, Faith Erin Hicks
Paris Collection, Andi Watson and Simon Gane



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