Merry Christmas Everybody!

Dec 24, 2009 by

A double whammy!  I’ve been behind in posting the episodes, so I’ve taken a couple of days off to concentrate on nothing but to prepare the best of literature podcasting entertainment to you, our loyal listeners.  Yes, the two of you.

So both of our most recent episodes are up now.   Last week, however, broke our pretty good record of the past couple of months of steady weekly productions.  My internet connection screwed up over the weekend, which necessitated my abstinence from our regular gathering, and what a miss it was.  Gem, who’ve taken a sabbatical to India, has returned, and the folks who did turn up last week had a merry ole’ time.  There was, unfortunately, no recording of that session, because I wasn’t there.  I’ll have to make sure there’s another one of us can record the show without me very soon – these chats we have outside of our recordings are endlessly fascinating; much laughter, chit-chat and fun.

Here’s hoping we’ll get Gem back on the show before she runs out on us again early next year.

So anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity, on behalf of everyone of us in Bookbabble, to wish all of our dear readers and listeners a Very Merry Christmas!

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So you like ebooks, Kindle, Stephen King, and Amazon, and little else, huh?

Apr 7, 2009 by

In this new incarnation of Bookbabble (those who missed the boat, you can catch up here), I decided to add a tag cloud widget to the site, just to add a little snazziness.  Looking at the cloud at this present time, however, is getting me a little worried.

If you only go by the tag cloud now, it would seem to those who just tuned in to Bookbabble that we don’t do much but talk about ebooks, Kindle, love Stephen King and probably advocate Amazon as the be-all-end-all book retailer (this last part is probably true, since I’m using their affiliate code for all our book links). 

It’s a good thing Joyce is quite prominent now, not because we want to appear ‘serious’ or hoping having Joyce there lends us some credibility, but just to help convey the sort of diversity we’re really seeing from our discussions.  I suppose the loss of our old posts tended to skew the distribution a little.

I’m just saying…!

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