Bookbabble now appears in Miro’s Guide!

Aug 18, 2009 by

In Bookbabble’s slow trek across the huge expanse of the digital frontier, this is another small step.  Bookbabble is now listed in Miro Guide, a listing of the best free audio and video podcasts on the Internet, which also doubles as a landing page for one of the most popular open-source video player and podcast client, Miro.

I’ve been using Miro for quite a while now, to download and watch the myriad free video podcasts available (mainly technology-related, with some Monty Python thrown in).  It is easy to use, and now with its support for audio podcast, heartily recommended if you’re not already using a good podcast aggregator to get Bookbabble episodes.

Very soon now I’ll write up something on podcasts for readers, as not too many people are familiar with the concept, and how it makes it easier for listeners to get Bookbabble episodes.

So go check us out by searching for Bookbabble in Miro Guide.

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