Tiger Woods Inadvertently Helps Physics Book’s Sales

Dec 5, 2009 by

I never thought Tiger Woods would ever get a mention on Bookbabble.  Accidentally found this while I was browsing in the Foyles website: Tiger Woods crash boosts physics book sales.  Here’s an excerpt:

A physics textbook pictured inside Tiger Woods’ Cadillac Escalade following the golfing legend’s infamous car crash has become an overnight hit.

The book, John Gribbin’s Get a Grip in Physics, was pictured in the foot-well of Woods’ car in the Wall Street Journal and sales have already started rising.

Get a Grip in Physics deals with many of the basic concepts underpinning modern research in the discipline.

And you’d think physics and marital scandals don’t mix.

If you want to get the book further up the charts still, here’s your chance.

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