Bookbabble Episode 49: If It Were A Festival, There’d Be More Balloons

Oct 21, 2009 by

Bookbabble Episode 49: If It Were A Festival, There’d Be More Balloons 
Recorded 19 October 2009
Babblers: Bjorn, Lone, Donny



A tight group this week, and we’re talking offensive literature.  Things that sets us off.  I suppose we weren’t surprised when the three of us shared the same view about things that offend us in literature, which isn’t what the topic itself would lead you to believe.  Also, problems with the Kindle International edition, NaNoWriMo, Google Wave and the call for the banning of fantasy movies in Malaysia, and Lamb in Vodka!


Show Length: 1:21:10 mins







Note: Strong Language.




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British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Award winners announced!

Apr 13, 2009 by

The British Science Fiction Association has announced the winners of their annual BSFA Awards.

They are:

(Thanks to Science Fiction Awards Watch)

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Brandon Sanderson splits final volume of Wheel of Time

Mar 31, 2009 by

Brandon Sanderson has decided to split the final book of the Wheel of Time, originally entitled A Memory of Light, into a projected three books.  Before you Wheel of Time fans start to scream incoherently, spewing spittle on your monitors or throw chairs against walls in frustration and justified anger, spare a moment to hear out Mr Sanderson and his thoughtful considerations in arriving at this decision.

From his blog:

And I guess that’s what I’m trying to show you with all of this: No matter how the book is split, cut, or divided, the last portion wouldn’t come out until 2011. Why? It goes back to that first decision I made, the one to write the book the length I felt it needed to be. And so, it’s not the greedy publisher, stringing you along that is keeping you from reading the ending. It’s not the fault of production taking a long time. The blame rests on me.

I must say that the post did go some way in dispelling some of my initial thoughts about a scam on the part of the publisher and author (may not be entirely evident from the snippet I posted above).  Maybe it’s our inherent distrust and cynical nature, but hey, Sanderson seems to be coming through genuinely enough.  I wish him all the success, of course, and hope he brings back the sorely needed polish back to what started as a great piece of work.

The good news then is the first of the final three parter, called The Gathering Storm, will be available Nov 3 2009.

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