Episode 61: The Ebook Babble

Feb 6, 2010 by

Bookbabble Episode 61: The Ebook Babble
Recorded 25 Jan 2010
Babblers: Bjorn, Donny with guest Umapagan Ampikaipakan



The guys talk about Apple’s impending announcement of their supposed tablet device (which we now know as the Apple iPad) and its supposed killer ebook-reader features, and the ebook industry in general.  Bjorn taps into his experience in the ebook industry for this one.

Note: This show was recorded several days before the announcement by Apple on Jan 27 2010.  Also, this is another episode where we jumped in without introductions at the start.

Show Length: 52:51 mins



Download the show here.

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Bookbabble Episode 52: Genre and Literature – Hanging out with Brian Evenson

Nov 14, 2009 by

Bookbabble Episode 52: Genre and Literature – Hanging out with Brian Evenson

Recorded 9 Nov 2009
Babblers: Bjorn, Marcel, Renee, Donny, François with guest Brian Evenson


The group is pleased to have Brian Evenson, award-winning literary/horror author of Altmann’s Tongue, Last Days and The Open Curtain, among many others.  We discuss the man and his work in this interview, covering genres, literature, his work as the Chair of the Literary Arts Program at Brown University, translation works, ebooks and prodigious reading input.


Show Length: 1:27:23 mins


Brian Evenson on the Web




  • Éric Chevillard (François’s write-up here)
  • Robert Coover
  • Keith Waldrop
  • John Edgar Wideman
  • Carole Maso
  • CD Wright
  • William Gass
  • Gilles Deleuze
  • Daniel Alarcon
  • Wells Tower
  • Tom McCarthy
  • Laird Barron
  • Shelley Jackson
  • Antoine Volodine
  • Underland Press






Download the show here.

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Bookbabble Episode 45: Hanging out with Glenda Larke

Sep 16, 2009 by

Bookbabble Episode 45: Hanging out with Glenda Larke

Recorded 6 Sept 2009
Babblers: Lars, Bjorn, Marcel and Donny with fantasy novelist Glenda Larke

This week, we speak with the delightful and incredibly friendly Glenda Larke, an Australian fantasy novelist living in Malaysia. In addition to talking about her work and interests, Glenda shares her thoughts on genre fiction in general, the Google Book settlement and books made available electronically. Plus, bird-watching, and Bjorn’s band!

If you’ve not checked out Glenda’s work yet, what are you waiting for?


Show Length: 1:18:35 mins


Check out Glenda Larke online:




Books Mentioned:








Download episode here.

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So you like ebooks, Kindle, Stephen King, and Amazon, and little else, huh?

Apr 7, 2009 by

In this new incarnation of Bookbabble (those who missed the boat, you can catch up here), I decided to add a tag cloud widget to the site, just to add a little snazziness.  Looking at the cloud at this present time, however, is getting me a little worried.

If you only go by the tag cloud now, it would seem to those who just tuned in to Bookbabble that we don’t do much but talk about ebooks, Kindle, love Stephen King and probably advocate Amazon as the be-all-end-all book retailer (this last part is probably true, since I’m using their affiliate code for all our book links). 

It’s a good thing Joyce is quite prominent now, not because we want to appear ‘serious’ or hoping having Joyce there lends us some credibility, but just to help convey the sort of diversity we’re really seeing from our discussions.  I suppose the loss of our old posts tended to skew the distribution a little.

I’m just saying…!

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Jeff Bezos on the Daily Show

Mar 28, 2009 by

This isn’t new by a longshot, but here’s a clip from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show where he interviews Jeff Bezos to talk about Gem’s all time favourite device in the whole wide world, the Kindle 2.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c
Jeff Bezos
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