Bookbabble Episode 24: Prose to Pictures – Memorable Film Adaptations

Dec 29, 2008 by

Bookbabble Episode 24: Prose to Pictures – Memorable Film Adaptations

Recorded 4 Dec 2008
Babblers: Bjorn, Gem, Donny


According to our in-house, part-time and moderately accurate statistician Gem, a third of every movie made in recent times is adapted from a book.  But what makes a good movie adaptation?  Which ones were favourites and which were duds?  (Don’t even mention I Am Legend!)  The babblers also talk about possibly unfilmable books and books that we’d like to see as movies.  Also, can you think of a non-fiction book that got made into a movie?  Whatever it is, it’s probably not the one Gem had in mind.  Oh, and pretty soon the ranting starts on things like remakes and whether they should have been done or not in the first place.

Show Length: 53:46 mins



Notes: Unfortunately, my usually reliable mic seemed to have gone on a vacation and its evil cantankerous twin decided to spit a steady stream of low static on my end of the recording throughout.  I’ve tried to dampen it as much as I can, but enough of it remains that may hamper the enjoyment for some of you.  Sorry about that.  Also, don’t listen to this with small children – language.


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