An interview with Michael Chabon on io9

Dec 28, 2009 by

Michael Chabon talks about genres and his new book Manhood for Amateurs in, which is surprisingly good with interesting book related stuff, I’m finding out lately.

Michael Chabon‘s celebrated science fiction and geeky pop culture, and his latest book Manhood For Amateurs is a love letter to fandom. So when we managed to ask him a few questions, we were excited to geek out about genres.

Check it out here.

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Interesting Photos of Science Fiction Writers at their Workspaces

Aug 7, 2009 by has an article that is incredibly fascinating, even to non-SF fans.  There’s a gallery of pictures from Kyle Cassidy’s photo series "Where I Write", where he captures photos of prominent science fiction authors at their work desks.

A fantastic opportunity to peek at how your favourite SF authors look like (if you don’t know already), and the deliriously fabulous swarms of books that surround their workplaces (well, except for one of them).

Cassidy plans to have collate these pictures, plus interviews he conducted with these authors, into a book.

For one thing, I’m surprised how many of them work on a notebook. I’d have imagined that at least having an external monitor and a full sized keyboard would be infinitely more comfortable to type in.

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Scalzi speaks!

Mar 19, 2009 by

Want to hear what an author sounds like?  Sure you do, but unfortunately I only have John Scalzi’s, and only for 12 minutes.  John Scalzi is best known for his Hugo Award-nominated science fiction novel Old Man’s War, and have written many scifi and non-fiction books.  He’s one of my recent favourites, having just finished the last book set in the Old Man’s War universe, the Last Colony.

Recently he got to recording his responses to the questions his fans have asked him via Twitter (you know, the most recent Web 2.0 tech buzzword that has people all over traditional media all a-twitter). 

Go check that out which is posted in his blog here.

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Neil Gaiman in The Colbert Report

Mar 19, 2009 by

Sandman author Neil Gaiman appears in The Colbert Report discussing The Graveyard Book.

Not the best interview I’ve seen, despite all the good vibes Gaiman himself was getting from having done the interview (from his blog, you see). 

Have a look see for yourself.  Original link to Colbert Nation is here.

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The one I missed: August Strindberg

Mar 17, 2009 by

In our last show I missed a couple of authors in the list of authors mentioned in the show notes.  One was PG Wodehouse, but most importantly, I wanted to know the one author that I couldn’t pronounce: Swedish author August Strindberg.  Bjorn’s suggestions are always worth checking out.

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Alan Moore Interview in Wired

Mar 2, 2009 by

In the previous episode the babblers spoke a little about the magic that is Watchmen, and the impending movie.  Here is an interview with Alan Moore, the writer of Watchmen (the comic, not the screenplay/script, etc – the real deal himself!) in Wired.  He talks about his movie adaptations (more specifically, why he hates them), superheroes and other things.

I could go on about Alan Moore (including the fact that he is a real-life magician – as in wizard, not as in Copperfield), but suffice to say that the man largely credited with deconstructing the whole superhero mythos (“I’m a super-powered go-dooder with cape & spandex” to a genuinely human level and [gasp!] superheroes can get killed! Who’d thought that’ll be possible?) is a genuinely interesting character with interesting things to say.

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