About Lone

You can always depend on Lone Christensen showing up and surprising you.  She’ll go, “oh, I don’t know what to say” during show preparations, and during recording will inundate you with facts.  Lone frequents the same online literature haunts (otherwise known as book forums) as the rest of us do, and does so armed with her interest in Jung, Greek mythology and alchemy (but doesn’t take orders for potions, thank you).  Her love for Virginia Woolf is, well, immense as she proves with her Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain membership.

Hailing from Copenhagen, she surrounds herself with writers both online and offline.  So we’re all pretending we’ve written something so she continues to join us for chats.

Scandinavian Authors she wants you to note: Lars Saabye Christensen, P.O. Enquist, Per Petterson, Helle Helle, Kim Leine, Villy Sørensen, Jakob Ejersbo, among others.

Loves: Paul Auster, Hanif Kureishi and the good old Fyodor Dostoevsky. Oh, and Viggo Mortensen.