Bookbabble Does Quantum Leap!

Jun 17, 2010 by

Well.  As our dear dedicated listeners know, Bookbabble episodes have been slow in coming.  We’re pretty behind in our show releases, but I’m trying to get our some of our shows that do not require as much editing out the door as soon as possible.  We have an episode on funny novels, one where we spoke about comics and reviews and pink noise and fantasy characters cage matches, and even the infamous and oft-delayed (first for planning, now for releasing!) Paul Auster smackdown!

During this time you will see the numbers for the BB episodes jump up and down more often than a toad in a dumpster.  Worry not.  The trusty Episode List shall be your guide, and you’ll know you’re not losing your marbles when episode 67 comes after 73.

Hang in there!

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  1. the new episodes are not yet linked to in the Episode list!

    great work, dude.

  2. I meant, putting the shit up, well done!


  3. Donny

    LOL! Thanks dude! You did a great job moderating the interview, and it was incredibly fun to listen to you guys. I really hated the fact that I missed it!

    Remind me to teach you how to check if the recording works this week, ok? 🙂

  4. …and after you posted 3 episodes, we’re again waiting. How many were there supposed to be? 12?


  5. Just to help you, here is a list of extant episodes

    19 Fantasy Geekout! 18 Sept 2008
    18 Untitled 5 Sept 2008
    17 Untitled 21 Aug 2008
    16 Untitled 30 Jul 2008
    32 Bookbabble’s 1st Birthday Show! 16 April 2009
    37 Untitled 8 June 2009
    36 Untitled 1 June 2009
    60 Untitled 18 Jan 2010
    59 Untitled 11 Jan 2010
    66 Untitled 8 Mar 2010
    65 Untitled 1 Mar 2010
    64 The Paul Auster Smackdown! 22 Feb 2010
    69 Untitled 3 May 2010
    68 Untitled 26 Apr 2010

    and of course the two (three?) most recent shows. the football show, the cohen show and probably one more.

  6. The total number is 16 or 17.

    • Donny

      Ok, ok, I’ll get off my butt, stop drinking all that beer and lazing around the house and put a couple up.

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