Bookbabble Episode 41 Part 2: Poetry Revisited

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Bookbabble Episode 41 Part 2: Poetry Revisited

Recorded 3 Aug 2009
Babblers: Bjorn, Renee, Lone, Marcel, Donny and guest Liam Brannelly

Renee and Marcel have been itching to talk poetry for a while now, and having rescheduled this topic for several weeks, it’s like the floodgates have finally been blown to bloody bits.  For this show, Marcel brought along a nice, intelligent fellow, Liam, who’s a student of medieval literature in New York City who guzzles Beowulf and Chaucer for school and fun.

This show brings together poetry lovers, casual poetry readers, poets and students of poetry all mixed in a heady broth.  There’s appreciation, recitation, and babbling incoherence (oh wait, that’s me).

Oh, did I mention there’s a famous German poem recited in this episode?

This show broke all previous records for show length, and has been broken into 2 parts.  This is Part 2.

Show Length: 85:54 mins

Poems Mentioned in show:

Mentioned in show:

* Bjorn’s Translation of Nils Ferlin’s ‘I folkviseton’ poem (as a contrast to the translation as it appears here):

My heart, I said, it was thine;

Thy heart, you said, it was mine

And you said you liked the couplet

Where your tears were mine when you wept

So these were the rhymes we made

Then you married sensibly

I get royalties each time it’s played

And nothing has changed for me

Liam’s Favourite Poets:

  • Ferenc Juhasz (Hung.)
  • Tennyson
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Yeats
  • Boleslaw Lesmian (Poland)
  • Seamus Heaney
  • Jack Clemo (Cornwall)



Download episode here.

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