Bookbabble Episode 33: Much Ado About Shakespeare

May 3, 2009 by

Bookbabble Episode 33: Much Ado About Shakespeare
Recorded 3 May 2009
Babblers: Bjorn, Gem, Renee, Donny

The episode every Shakespeare fan will wish they were here.  Passion coming through pretty clearly for the babblers who turn into the bard’s fanboys, talking from personal viewpoints about what makes Shakespeare great and why you should read him.  If you have even a passing interest in Shakespeare, you’ll want this episode. Trust me.

Show Length: 79:42 mins

Note: Around the time Bjorn explains Macduff’s “was from his mother’s womb untimely ript” in his final encounter with Macbeth in a more modern fashion, close delicate ears for half a nanosecond.



Download the show here.


  1. Isadora

    At the beginning, Irene mentions a website/link that she’s going to send on – but you’ve not linked to it up there with the other one. Unless I’m missing something, because that happens….

  2. Donny

    Hey there Isadora… thanks for the heads-up – I will check with Irene and see if she can get it for us.

  3. Irene Wilde

    Sorry for the delay on that. I had to go back to work to find the link thingy. And here it is:

    It gives the expressions as well as the pieces they appear in. It also lists words or phrases thought to be coined by Shakespeare or possibly just The Bard co-opted from “street” lingo of the day, but it is still an interesting list.

  4. Isadora

    That was quick!

  5. Rebecca

    Bjorn is so funny.

    Listening to his “my mother had a…… you!” alone makes me want to go out and pick up a copy of Macbeth!

  6. Rebecca


    I don’t think it’s what i meant to say… you can just scrap it.


  7. Rebecca

    I’ve been following your episodes and this is yet another interesting and insightful episode for me.

    Listening to you guys alone makes me want to grab a copy of Macbeth off the shelf.

  8. Donny

    Rebecca… thanks for your comments! If we made you feel like reading, then we’re happy. 🙂

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