Bookbabble’s Forced Reload

Mar 12, 2009 by

If you’re here and wondering why Bookbabble looks so incredibly different (i.e. why is this place so freaking barren???), rest assured that this is the Bookbabble that you know and love, just a little disheveled.

Exactly 1 week ago I found that Bookbabble’s web host has decided to switch servers without informing me, causing me to lose all the data we’ve been pumping into the site for the past year. I won’t go into too much detail here (although I will write it up somewhere else), but suffice to say I shall not return as a customer.

Unfortunately, there’s no backup to speak of, and I suppose I should also bear some of the responsibility for relying completely on their ‘backups’.

So what does this mean? First thing you should know is Bookbabble the podcast lives on, and is not effected in any way. The show is hosted by Mevio, and Bookbabble has a page since the very beginning in  You can still go there and get your hands on every show we’ve done so far.

What was lost was the series of posts we had done and most importantly, the nice things, witty repartee and smackdowns you all have said in the comments.  While that was indeed a huge loss, I’m sure we can go ahead and earn those back. 🙂

I shall now begin to rebuild the site again, but the shows will go on.  Hang tight!

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  1. sparkchaser

    Oh dear.

    I blame V. He’s the obvious person to point the finger at. Or Irene. I bet the drunken lush spilled her martini all over the server. Or maybe it was that pesky good beer.

  2. Donny

    Possibilities… perhaps it was the work of a Nora Roberts fan.

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