Bookbabble’s First Anniversary Coming Up!

Mar 29, 2009 by

Ok, a year just whizzed by, and before we knew it, the crew has been babbling books for almost a year now!

A little more than a year ago, Lars, Gem, Bjorn and I decided that talking about books was something that isn’t too crazy an idea, and decided to jump straight into it, with nary a thought on the consequences.  So in early March, the gang met up online armed with Skype accounts and mics and started to talk trash, as you would expect.  Even though we’ve actually known each other for a while by that time, it was really the first time that we got together and actually talked.

The first few times we met were ‘dry-runs’, and while we actually recorded our first show on the 30 March 2008, it was released to the unsuspecting world on the 14 April 2008, and that is when we’ll be basing our anniversary.

I’ll save some of the reminiscing for the actual anniversary show that we’ve got coming up, but this post is more than just a heads-up.  Renee had the nice idea of doing this buildup to the anniversary show, and here we would like to humbly ask every one of our listeners (yes, the two of you sitting over there) to write in with some feedback.  Everything goes, you hear – good and bad, via email, audio, video (if you dare), pretty much whatever – all to commemorate this humble little endeavour we’ve got on our hands.

Fire it up, please – we’d like to get as much feedback as we can!

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Update 20090329: Silly me, I’d forgotten to mention where you could actually send feedback!  Send them all to feedback (at), or as comments on this very website.

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  1. Irene Wilde

    And questions! Send us your questions! Ever wonder who dropped the first f-bomb? How Donny performs are the technical jiggery-pokery that makes “Bookbabble” work — at least most of the time? Gem’s blood alcohol readings for the average program? Now’s your chance to ask!

  2. Donny

    Uh, who dropped the first f-bomb? Ok, who’s going to volunteer to dip into the archives to find that one out will get, uh, a picture of Gem’s cuddly Dalek!

  3. Gem

    I’m going to start taking bets, 2-1 odds on it being Bjorn who threw the f-bomb. No comment on the blood alcohol readings 😛

  4. Happy anniversary, babblers! One thing we already know is that we can count on y’all not to brook any nonsense.

  5. gem

    Thanks Still:)
    Yes, nonsense is reserved for us – how dare someone else spout it!

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