Bookbabble Episode 29: You’ve got me feeling emotions!

Mar 21, 2009 by

Bookbabble Episode 29: You’ve got me feeling emotions!

Recorded 22 March 2009

Babblers: Gem, Renee, Donny


After Gem begins with a terribly tragic story of her beloved Dalek doll, the babblers launch into a discussion on books that elicit strong emotions from its readers.Β  Find out which books still emotionally affect Renee since she was 6 till this very day (which I understand is not a very long time at all), and Gem’s as well (it goes without saying that Donny doesn’t cry from reading).Β  Besides sadness, the babblers also talked a little about books that elicit anger, horror.Β  Finally, Renee closes with a heart-warming story of a long-lost textbook.

Show Length: 65:10 mins

Books mentioned in show:


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  1. Gem

    Dalek doll? Doll? Doll?!
    That there is the last nail in the coffin of my Norrisness.


  2. Donny

    Haha! I’m terribly sorry, Gem, it is most definitely *not* a doll. It’s a mechanized construct of destruction seeking nothing less than the utter annihilation of life everywhere. You just happen to carry one along with you everywhere you go. πŸ™‚

  3. I have a complaint:

    It wasn’t *long* enough! ( I cried and I laughed – and then I laughed and I cried some more.)

    I *contributed* out loud! (Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” had me so petrified with fear that I could hardly walk up the stairs to my bedroom that night.

    During the last two episodes I’ve been scanning old family photos into my computer and the time has flown by.

    Thank you.

    Love, Still

    P. S.

    You’re family now.

  4. Donny

    Aww, thanks, Still!

    Unfortunately, we’re already too indulgent with the hour long shows as it is, so we’re endeavouring to keep it even shorter.

    Good news for you, though, is that it is almost a year ago now that we’ve been trying to do this, so the success rate is pretty low. πŸ™‚

    Do you have any books that made you cry, Still?

  5. Michelle

    I loved this episode! U guys can be so funny without even trying, I kept laughing out loud to myself in my office (thank goodness i only share it with one other person and she wasn’t around at the time). Anyway kudos guys! I’m officially a fan (and so is my cousin sister whom I recommended episode 28 to, and who in turn is going to recommend it to her cousin sister, and the list goes on I think)

    Out of this long list, I’ve only read Mitch Albom’s book. It is one of my absolute favourites and it did make me cry. Most of the other books on the list have already now made it to my to-read list πŸ™‚ Gem and Renee, thank you for the recommendation.

    Donny, can I borrow some books from your extensive collection when I come back next? :p

  6. Donny

    Thank you, thank you, Mich. Although as funny as we were I hope you cried at the right moments in the show, not laughing (because, that, you know, would be weird).

    You’re of course welcome to my library, but return them or Gem’s Dalek will exterminate you.

  7. Michelle

    Most definitely (to both crying at the right time and returning your treasured tomes). Thanks! πŸ™‚

  8. Gem

    Hello Michelle,
    Glad you’re laughing with us πŸ™‚

    I forgot, what about some of the Anderson fairy tales? The original Little Mermaid had me sobbing and I believe there was one about a little girl who sold matchsticks which was just heartbreaking.

  9. Michelle

    Hey Gem! Ah.. yes… The Little Mermaid, and The Little Match Girl, wasn’t it? I’ve never read the latter but I shall check it out. Thanks for bringing that up! πŸ˜‰

  10. gem

    Oh yes! That’s the one. If you read it and it makes you cry, please report back and then we’ll force Donny to read it!

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