Living outside the US but want a Kindle?

Feb 14, 2009 by

Sorry for the Kindle-centric news recently, but frankly this news is one of the biggest in the industry right now, with all the speculation, gasps of disbelieve and howls of protest amidst believers singing in the streets over the supposed digital revolution.

I would love to get one – check out the video on the Kindle 2 page if you haven’t already.  Oh so nice… 🙂

If you didn’t already know, the Kindle is currently only sold in the States.  But what if you’re staying outside of the country, but have the opportunity to get your grubby hands on one?  Perhaps a relative or friend is willing to ship one over.  Maybe you’re planning a trip to America yourself, and hoping to spread some greenback love for the good of the economy (whatever!).

But before you spend that hard-earned cash on this decidedly sexy and incredibly expensive device, it may be useful to know this: even if you could get the Kindle, you are not able to purchase content for the device (which is, of course, the raison d’etre of the whole thing).  From Amazon’s Help page:

At this time, we are unable to offer the Amazon Kindle 2 and associated digital content from the Kindle Store to our international customers due to import/export laws and other restrictions. When you place your order for an Amazon Kindle, the shipping address for the delivery must be recognized by our systems as valid U.S. addresses.

To successfully purchase digital content from the Amazon Kindle Store, the 1-Click payment method listed on the Manage Your Kindle page must be a credit or debit card issued by a U.S. Bank with a U.S. billing address. We value our international customers and hope to make Kindle available internationally in the future.

Therefore, unless the situation changes, no point getting the Kindle if you’re not living in the US.  Time to look for alternative readers, people.

Ok, this is definitely the last Kindle-related news for at least a couple of weeks.  Promise.

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Kindle 2.0 Released

Feb 9, 2009 by

Sold for $359, the new Kindle is available now here.  Here is a quick list of new features:

  • New slimmer design
  • Better display with 16 shades of gray (previously 4)
  • 25% better battery life
  • 2GB storage space
  • Text-to-speech functionality
  • Whispersync – allows you to ‘switch devices seamlessly while reading a book – change devices, and the other Kindle knows what page you were on.’

Check out the news in Mashable, and there’s a live blog over at Crave.

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Kindle 2 sneak peeks

Feb 7, 2009 by

The apocalypse that is digital books shows no signs of relenting.  Hot on the heels of the announcement that Amazon will start to offer Kindle ebooks on your mobile phones, leaked images of the new Kindle has surfaced.  And oh, it looks so good.

The new Kindle is expected to be unveiled on Monday (i.e. tomorrow!)

(Actually, the news about being able to read Kindle ebooks on your cell is pretty *the* news this past week.)

Thanks to Crave for the news and pics.

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